Monday, February 16, 2015

Tender Mercies

Well I had two really tender experiences this week! The first was on Monday. We only have an hour to plan for our lessons on Mondays and we didn't have a chance to plan very well for our lesson with two of our investigators, and these investigators are really hard to teach because they get really deep and have many questions, which is good! Just tough. So when we make a lesson plan we first decide what we want to commit them to at the end of the lesson. Something like pray, be baptized, come to church and read The Book of Mormon. We encourage this so that they can find out if it is true or not! Which it is.. so they just have to find out for themselves! So anyway, we weren't really sure about a what commitment but we knew we were teaching them the plan of salvation (or the plan that God has for us). In all of our lessons we try to include a way to help them 'feel' that our message is true. We can share a song or a personal experience. Well I didn't have anything to share! I was praying before the lesson because I didn't feel very prepared at all. I was trying to help Sister P teach the lesson but we didn't have a very good plan. So I was praying very hard that I could think of something to help them feel the Holy Ghost. When we got in the lesson, before we said the prayer I reached into my bag and I saw my purple folder. I then realized that I had printed off my brother's email that day about his testimony and experience with the Plan of Salvation. In summary, my brother is a doctor and he was concerned about some of his patients that had passed away. When he was thinking about them, a scripture came to his mind that comforted him that was from the Book of Mormon. So I shared his story with them and all of us were crying. I know Heavenly Father heard my plead for help with our lesson and answered it through my brother:)

The second experience this week involves a lady in our congregation that has a lot of health problems. She has something wrong with her liver and I am not sure exactly, but she basically has to go to the hospital weekly to get her stomach drained of fluid. The ambulance also has to come a lot to get to for emergencies and she just isn't doing very well. She is even on a low grade hospice care because they know she will die sooner than later from her health complications. There is no recovering really. So we went to visit her to see how she was doing, she was telling us about her love for little hummingbirds and the bird feeders she has outside her house. She told us how that morning she was sitting outside in the sun (as required by the doctor) and a little humming bird came up to her cheek and poked her cheek and gave her a little kiss. My eyes welled up because I knew that God loves her and that was just a moment that He gave her to help her through her hardships. Each of us have moments like this if we only look for them in our lives.

I just wanted to share those experiences with you! Have a good week! 

Tara got her mission quilt!

We teach their kids! The Na'as :)

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