Monday, March 2, 2015


Transfers: Im going to Huntington Beach, Pacific Shores Ward. I will be training again, I meet my new companiontomorrow. I will also be follow-up training Sister Sietonge, she is from Canada. So I will be in a trio, which means there will be 3 of us. 

Well this week Sister P found out some news about a family member that passed away. So we spent a lot of time crying and eating chocolate together. Other than that it has been a good week, it was hard waiting for transfer assignments but then I got them and wish I didn't have them. But I know it will be a great opportunity for growth. All hard things in life are opportunities to grow. Heavenly Father knows what He's doing and thats all that matters!

On Saturday, we met a man that was telling us about all of the awful things that are happening around the world, especially to Christians. Without going into detail about the things he was talking about, just think of all the things on the news. I told him that I know that God has a plan for all of his children and he said in a fiery voice,"why didn't He save them?" I asked him if he believes in God. He said he does but he doesn't believe that God can do all things. We told him that we share a message of peace and of comfort and to call us if he would like to hear more of it. We were trying to get him to stop telling us awful graphic things. I pondered his question,"why didnt God save them?" Im here to tell you that God did save them, by sending Jesus Christ. He has saved all of us that will follow Him. I am sure that Heavenly Father has a very special place for the people who die for being Christian. 

Im so sad to be leaving Cypress but I am grateful for the time I have spent here. I love the people and they will forever be in my heart.

The little girl is Mary Jane , Amanda made us those pictures of our favorite temples, and then that is the Wiecks' and the Grovers', Bro Grover is my ward mission leader. Bro Weick is the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. I'm gunna miss them!

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