Monday, October 19, 2015

To Be Others-Oriented

Hello everyone!!

My week was good! Some highlights,

We knocked on this door and this girl opens and she is SO excited to see us! It was so cute. She is 16 and she plays volleyball. I guess the missionaries before us used to go "hang out" over there. She let us teach her the first lesson. The Spirit was really strong and she is really prepared! Im really excited about her, we are going to see her tonight!

On Saturday was Arge's baptism, it was a glimpse of heaven! Heavenly Father gives us glimpses of heaven on our missions. Friday to Saturday, we were on exchanges, so I was actually with Sister P (remember, I trained her last year!) So it was really fun to be with her again! We drove to the baptism in Huntington Beach at 9am. We got there at the same time as Arge, I ran up to greet her. Some of her family came that arent members of the church which was really cool! I gave the talk on baptism. I wasn't as prepared as Id like to be due to a crazy busy week, but I prayed really hard before and I think it went ok! Then her brother, who is also a member, was able to baptize her, it was just so cool, I cant even explain it! I forgot my camera today but next week I will send pictures:) When someone decides to be baptized, the world gets a little better:)

My Mission President is really big on making a vision for our mission. My vision used to be "to be physically, spiritually, and mentally swoll by the end of my mission." But about 4 months ago my vision changed, now it is "to be others-oriented." I dont think I can totally achieve that before the end of my mission but it is more of a life-time vision. I know that when we think of others more than ourselves, we become happier. We find ourselves because there is more of us to find and Jesus Christ teaches us after He washes His disciple's feet, in the book of John he says, "After ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." This may be one of my favorite scriptures! Not long after Jesus Christ said those words, He did the most self-less thing anyone could ever do. Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins, pains, sicknesses, and feelings of all the World. Jesus Christ descended below all things so that He can comfort us when we need it. He descended below all things so that we can live in joy for all eternity instead of misery. Jesus Christ descended below all things because He loves us and I know this is His church because I come closer to Him every time I read the Book of Mormon and every time I read the words of our Prophet. Jesus Christ is real and He can give us hope when it seems like there can be no hope. 

Ok well I wish I had more time! I love you all:) 

Pics from Arge's baptism!

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Know The Church Is True!

This week was so much batter than last week!! We found 7 new investigators, all of which I love and adore. I hope they all stick around! We got invited into so many homes this week and it was so nice. Even people on the street didn't reject us like they did last week. Most of them would hear what we had to say. ok..I'm starting to like it here:)

Two nights ago we were knocking on our last door of the night looking for a member of our ward that no one has seen in awhile. But its really dark out and we go to knock. We see something that scurried across the porch. My companion ran away and didn't want to knock...haha... and she thought it was a raccoon or a rat but it was just a possum. So then we decided to knock anyway and I was scared, I thought the possum was going to attack me but it didn't! And this really nice lady came to the door and she sat down with us and wanted to learn more. Unfortunately it was our curfew but miracles really do happen at the end of the night. I have learned to never go in early!

We had many more miracles and great things happen this week. We found 7 new investigators and our area is growing. 

As a whole church we had General Conference this weekend, which was awesome, some things that stood out to me:

"We dont need to be more of anything to start becoming who God wants us to be."

"Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey."

"Direction is more important than speed."

"You are rich when you live happily within your means and have lengthy conversation when you date." haha...

"Investigators learn when they are ready to learn, not when we are ready to teach them."

"The calling of a missionary is about the Lord's work and Heavenly Father's children."

"Ponderize" weekly

"Don't be too ciritical of the barrier, its the only thing keeping you from being devoured"

"Come what may and love it."

"Challenges make us more like our father in heaven."

Those are just a few!! But I actually met the new apostle, Elder Rasband on my mission. I have also met Elder Maynie and Elder Cook. :) super cool. 

I know that this church is TRUE. I love the gospel. I know that these apostles are called of God and so is our prophet, Thomas S Monson. I know it because I can feel it when they speak. i know they are speaking the words of Christ. They make me want to be batter. They are trying to help us be happy and those are the words Christ would speak if He was here.

I love you all! Have a great week!