Monday, December 7, 2015

It Is Noble, It Is Godly, and It Is God's Will

Oh my goodness!!!! Its been a GREAT week!!!! Ok I will tell you the most exciting thing first!

So we have been working with a less active in our ward. She is 24 years old and usually comes to church with her mom and she just recently decided to come back. There was one night that we didn't know what to plan for so we decided to stop by this particular lady's home (at this point we didn't know who she was.). When we knocked on the door she had just come home from work and she was happy to see us! She invited us in and told us about her job and about her life. She recently decided to stop smoking weed and she told us she wasn't happy anymore with her 'under-the-table' job. The next time we met with her we told her that she has to act in faith and quit her job. We promised her that God would bless her for trying to do what is right and bless her with another job. She said, "I know your right..but I am scared. They need me." She was a manager there and she thought they would be mad at her for quitting. Plus how would she pay for everything? We weren't sure if she was going to do it or not. It was a hard decision because she has to pay rent, car and for school. it didn't seem to be an option to her that because then she wouldn't be making any money. So last night when we went to her house, she was glowing!! She quit her job! She got into a car accident and her car was totaled but she still had a rental car and she has some family that will let her borrow a car until she is able to buy one. Two days after she quit her job, she got hired at another place! She was filled with hope and she was so happy! It was so incredible to see Heavenly Father pick her up when she thought she was falling. I testify that when we follow the commandments and when we follow what God wants us to do, He will be there for us. He will make miracles happen. Sometimes we think we are jumping into water that is 2000 feet deep. But when we take a step forward, we find out it is only ankle deep because Heavenly Father will never let us fall. 

On Monday I was feeling really sick but I rested during p-day so that I would be able to work the 3 hours in the evening. I'm so grateful I did because we talked to this lady getting out of her car. Her name is Cheryl and we asked if we could say a prayer with her. She said yes and invited us to come inside of her house so that we could meet her mother who has cancer. She wanted to pray for her mom, Natalie. So we did and we set up another time that we could come back and share a lesson. When we went back we met Cheryl's sister Marlo. When she opened the door she looked confused but when she saw who we were she was really happy! She said, "Oh!! Missionaries!! Come inside!!" We don't get that reaction very often so it made us pretty happy. She told us how she used to meet with missionaries 10 + years ago and then she moved so they lost contact. We taught them about the plan that God has for them and they both said they would be baptized. It was a huge miracle and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father leads and guides us so that we can find those who not only need, but want the Gospel in their lives. 

I know that being a member of the church is not very easy. Its not easy to go to 3 hours of church every Sunday. Its not easy to take time out of our busy schedules to drop off dinner at someone's house or give someone a ride to church. But I know that it is noble, it is godly, and it is the will of God to do those things. It wasn't easy for Jesus Christ to suffer for each of our sins and feel all the pain and suffering of this world. But it was noble, it was godly and it was the will of God. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I love my Heavenly Father. I am grateful to be in the Lord's army as a missionary. I know that He guides this work and I know that this is His Gospel. It changes other peoples lives and it has surely changed mine.

I love you guys!! :) See you all soon!!

Some pictures:
Some of the sisters in the mission at the temple
Sister Beaudette and I at the temple this morning
Sister Beaudette and I at the diner, sitting in a cool car booth
Sister Beadette, Sister Cochron and helping for a big thanksgiving dinner

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