Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Best Decision I Have Ever Made!

Hey everyone!
     WOAH. First week at the MTC was so great!! We stay really busy and spend most of our time in the classroom learning. It isn't like school though, we don't memorize things (thank goodness). It is more critical thinking and feeling the Spirit of God to direct us. We wake up at 6:30am everyday and go to bed by 10:30pm with no naps! We sit in class all day and they still give us homework! Im like, when do you think I have time to do this? lol.. but I end up finding the time. And I seem to get in trouble alot. There are a lot of rules. They are like.. stay hydrated but dont bring a water bottle inside. LOL 

There are 4 elders and my companion that I sit in class with. 
-Sister Fredrickson (my companion): She is from Utah, she is so nice! It is funny because we stress out about different things. Like, she was soooo embarrassed because she spilled milk on her dress. And I got stressed out because they made us take this test and I felt like I didn't do good.. even though it was just a self evaluation. 
-Elder Daw: He is my favorite Elder. He was home schooled growing up and he is the most awkward person haha, it makes me laugh!
-Elder Brinkerhoff: He goes a little crazy being locked up in a room all day. He struggles the most with being here but he is really tall and really outgoing.
-Elder Gibson: I called him Elder Gibbins for the first couple days and my companion laughed at me. He is silly but he has the BEST smile. It is contagious.
-Elder Shumway: He is from Nebraska. He likes to shoot things and fight haha.
We are all going to the Long Beach Mission so you will probably hear those names again.

I taught my first lesson to a real investigator yesterday! It went really well. Her name is Jamie and we will be teaching her all week. I guess she is a hard one to teach but my companion and I didn't struggle. They teach us that if we plan, study independently, and then study as a companionship that we will be prepared to teach with the Spirit of God. 

Coming out here, I was a little scared to be pushy. I have learned that I am doing the work that Jesus Christ would do if He was here. I wear His name on my name tag. I represent Him. My teachers are sooo good. They have all been on missions and they make it look so easy to talk to people and give them lessons. I cant wait to be good at this!

Before my mission, I was scared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my friends because I didn't want to be pushy or weird. But listen up friends!!! CALL THE MISSIONARIES!!! (especially Jeremy Alley and his family, I have been thinking about you a lot since I have been here, oh and Taylor Tanner because I know you like deep conversation). I know that if you have any questions about life that they will be able to answer them. If nothing else, you will see what I am spending the next 18 months of my life doing:) I know this is the best decision I have ever made. I cannot wait to meet the people in Long Beach:)

Shout out to Carol: dude, you are going to be such a great missionary but it is going to be hard work on going up to a stranger and getting to know them. I know it'll be hard for you but it will help you when you get here. 

Love you all.

This was my zone at the MTC

And this was my district!

Sister Brockbank and I!! We carpooled to middle school together!

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