Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Miracles :):)

A week full of miracles!!! Our ward is doing a 40 day fast which means that each person in the ward signs up for a day that they will fast for missionary work. Fasting means they don't eat or drink anything for 2 meals. We have been blessed so much because of it! 

Miracle #1: Webhad a reaaalllyyy long day and we only had an hour until we needed to be home. We were visiting a boy named Isaac but he wasnt home and his dad, Henry answered the door. We talked to him a little bit and we said a prayer with him then we started teaching him about faith. He already had tons of faith is Jesus Christ because he's Catholic! Then  I showed him the scripture in John chapter 10 when it talks about Jesus Christ visiting "his other sheep" meaning the people talked about in the Book of Mormon. Then! he said that he has already been reading the Book of Mormon! 

Miracle #2: We gave a pamphlet to a girl on the street that was talking on the phone. We were going opposite directions so we didn't have time to stop and give her our information. Then we went and saw one of our invetigators and after we were done, we ran into the girl again! But, she was still on the phone so we just wrote her a note on a sticky note that said,"Heavenly Father loves you! We hope you have a good day, call us if you have any questions! blah blah" :) and then we drove away. So later that day we were driving and we saw her again!! On a different street and she was reading the pamphlet! So I was like, "Heavenly Father pleeaassee have her call us!" and then on Sunday, she called! She asked us why she wrote that note and what we do. We told her that we wrote it because we felt like we needed to and because Heavenly Father does love her! She said she really needed it that day and that she is searching for truth. We also told her that our purpose as missionaries is to bring people closer to Christ. She was interested and so we set up a time to meet with her! Then before we went into our appointment, we said a prayer (like we always do) and randomly, Sister Anderson (my companion) prayed for a baptismal date. After the prayer we pondered for a few minutes. The date Aug 16 came to my mind and it also came to hers. We checked our planners and it was on a saturday!! (which is the day that we normally do baptisms). So then we had our lesson with her and she comitted to be baptised!! She is truly amazing because she is really intune with the Spirit and how she is feeling. It doesn't even sound real but it has just been a testimony builder for me that this church is true!

Miracle #3: We were leaving church and our ward mission leader, Brother Brunner, texted us and told us there was a family on the street that was outside. He said we should go talk to them! So we did, because thats what we do! We drove over and we talked to this women and her two little kids were playing in the pool. We came and introduced ourselves and it turns out that she already knew Sister  Anderson because she helped them move into their house. She said that everytime we come, it is a time in her life that is really stressful but she wanted us to come back and teach her more! Then we met her neighbor who is also going to come to the lessons. It was sooo amazing!

I seriously love the people in Long Beach and my purpose is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. I'm not a very good teacher, but I know that Jesus Christ makes up for what I lack and I know that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true!!!

Anyways!! On Monday we played Mafia for like 4 hours! That was super fun for anyone who has played that before:) and then today has been soooo good because we were able to go to the temple. Then on the way back, a member took us to breakfast and we went to do a little shopping. It was soooo good!! Also, we got a mini missionary! Which means that we have a missionary that will only be with us for a week and she is 17 yrs old. Her name is Sister Wise and she really fun and nice. 

My companion and I are trying to eat really good! We have cream of wheat for breakfast, veggies, pesto noodles, and chicken for lunch. Then we have two brazillian nuts and whatever people feed us for dinner. But no dessert or candy. It's like so easy to gain weight on the mission. I've been trying so hard to lose weight and I'm just staying the same. But I just feel a lot better when I eat better! 

So that's my missionary life:) love you all!

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