Sunday, July 27, 2014

"My Name is Sister Miller and I'm Ready to Show!"

This week we spent with our one week missionary:) She was so awesome, she actually joined the church only a year ago. It was so good having her around because she really added a lot of energy to our companionship! I feel like I am less.. fun on my mission because I'm really focused. So it was good to have her make me laugh! 
This week has been sooooo crazy! I had my first zone conference which means that we were in a 6 hour long meeting. Sound awful but it was actually really really good and very inspiring. One thing I wanted to share that I learned was how we can change! Because changing is really hard whether its a physical change, a change in location, or a spiritual change. an example of change in the scriptures is Moses in Exodus 3:1-18. Or in the Book of Mormon you can read about Zeezrom in Alma 15:1-12. Basically, you have to be humble to change. Then you have to act and then you have to ask Heavenly Father for help. In order for Him to help you do those things you need to have a vision or a desire to change (usually brought from humility). then dont go through it alone! Have someone help you. Finally, never give up and report to someone about your progress:) It is a continual cycle to "do" in order to "be". So I hope that helps you guys! Imthought it was very helpful!
On Thursday we had a talent show! At first I was scared because I don't really have stage talent but the missionaries in the ward did a rap! So we dressed up in baggy clothes and beepboxed! My verse was:
I walk down the streets trying to teach the gospel
Telling you how to not be so awful
So get ready for this
Why don't you come and get some
Comin at me bro
We work until we're done
From my head to my toe
Ill give you some mo'
My name is Sister Miller and I'm ready to show
If you ready the Book of Mormon,
It'll change your life
Ill teach you bout Christ
But I wont be your wife!
I didn't write it:) but people thought it was funny.

So transfers are coming up which means that I might switch companion or I might switch areas andI'm  FREEAKING out because I don't know whats going to happen. eek!!! Transfers happen every six weeks and my first transfer has gone by soooooo fast! This week I've just been trying to love people like Jesus Christ does.

So that's been all! love you guys!

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