Monday, September 22, 2014

Look for God's Hand

Hey! So on a non-spiritual note, I walked into the mens bathroom today and left a drink on the top of my car. Then yesterday we had dinner with a member who had a toilet that would clean your bottom for you, i was afraid to touch it!  Today we are going to an anatomy museum and I'm really excited!! 

My new companion is sooooo gooood. I love her so much!! We get along really well, we laugh and talk all the time:) I also found out I'm really bad at contacting and finding investigators so it's something I need to work on! When I was with Sister Anderson she would just do it and I'd be her backup. Butttttt now I have to do it because Sister Lindsey isn't good either. But I know we will learn and grow alot with each other! She is 15 months old so she is almost done with her mission! Woah! 

I've learned that I loooove people and I looove doing service, so that's what I spend the most amount of time doing now that I plan out our days. Which is good but we are also supposed to teach people or something.
Some of our Elders did service for an old lady and she gave them 10 bags of oranges, so we took a bad and we have been eating them! They are so good! California oranges straight from the tree. yumm!!! 

This week, my companion and I decided that we were going to look for God's hand in our life everyday. because most days don't go as planned, you can either be upset about it or you can look for the ways it went right, or how God would have had it go. So it's been really good and I've learned that you find what your looking for in life. So if you want to be miserable then look for bad things but if you want to be happy, then look at the good things and thank God for them. Then He will give you more! True story. I have also learned a lot about the scriptures!! I studied today about the Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible and how he lived at the same time as Lehi did in the beginning of the Book of Mormon. Soooo cool! The Church is so true! 

Well I love you all! Gotta go!!

This is Sister Lindsey, we played the lipstick game one night after planning... it was super fun and we were being goofy. But thats us!!

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