Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Purpose in Life is to Prepare to Meet God

Well its been a great week here is California! I got to talk to my beautiful family on Christmas Day. I am sad to see the Christmas season come and go! It was the most perfect time to talk to people about Jesus Christ. 

Sunday was a proud moment, Hillary (baptised a month ago) gave a talk in church about how the Gospel changed his life. I was so happy to see him giving a talk! The Gospel changes people. If you want to change into a better person, join the church! I'm just sayin!

That was my favorite part of the week, my other favorite was Christmas Eve! We went caroling and it was so fun to see the expression on people's faces of joy! Then we went home and opened presents. It was soo good! I got a beautiful blue necklace, like 6 scarves, shoes, makeup and some lotions and perfume, and lots of junk food!

Something funny Sister P does.. well in New Zealand they say "what the he**" and its not a bad thing. So I had to tell my companion that we cant say that as missionaries in America haha. too funny. She was so embarrassed.

Well something that has been hard for me since I came on the mission is comparing myself to others. This is something I have been able to overcome and this is how. A zone leader told me "look up, not sideways". Anytime you see yourself comparing yourself to someone else.. just look up and thank Heavenly Father for what you have. Soon you will find your self grateful instead of jealous. :)

Well here is my spiritual thought for the week and my testimony:
The purpose of life is to prepare to meet God. Hard things are what prepares us for that moment. They are completely essential to this life. When we endure hard things well, then it will guide us to Heavenly Father's throne in a state of happiness, joy and peace. All we need to do is believe in Him, rely on Him and live according to His teachings. This will give you strength when no worldly thing can. When your spirit is strong then you are strong. 

"Endure to the end we must, for our goal is eternal life in the presence of our Father in Heaven. He loves us and wants nothing more than for us to succeed in this goal. He will help us and bless us as we call upon Him in our prayers, as we study His words, and as we obey His commandments. Therein is found safety; therein is found peace."

—Thomas S. Monson, "Till We Meet Again"

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