Monday, April 27, 2015

We are Infinitely more Beautiful on the Inside!

It has been a fantastic week:) Its been great, we had a few trainings and we found a new investigator! I also got to go to a baptism in Cypress! We have been working with the ward and I am excited because we are starting a member missionary class. 
So our new investigators name is Hau and he is an old vietnamese guy. When we met him he was so so nice but we couldn't understand him very well. We tried our best to tell him who we were. He wanted us to follow him to his home and it seemed like he wanted us to teach him. He expressed how happy he felt that we had met him. I am not sure that I would have followed him all the way there since there was such a strong language barrier but Sister Stigan insisted. Once we were there, we followed him into his house and taught him a lesson in his garage. He wanted us to come over for dinner and he was so nice and so funny. We would try to start a prayer and then he would start talking again. But we somehow stumbled through a short lesson about God. We told him we would come back on Sunday. when we came back we brought the Vietnamese Elders. When we knocked on his door, his wife answered and her english was a lot better than his. She let us in and gave us some purified Asian water. haha. Then we had a part English/ mostly Vietnamese lesson. I sat there nodding with a smile on my face until the lady started crying so I changed my smile to a frown. I had no idea what they were saying, but she was apparently really opening up to the Elders haha. But the lesson went really well and she wants to learn! Turns out that that the old guy has a really bad memory but it is so cool how we were led to find his wife who is ready to listen to the Gospel. 
At the baptism, I got to see Hilary! it was so good to see him. He told me that last week he was able to do the Temple work for his Dad and he told me about the joy he felt doing it. He is so so great!!
Yesterday we had Stake Conference and I really liked what my mission president said. He said that God's will for us can be expressed in 2 sentences. Have you ever wondered what God's will is for us?... well he said 1) He wants us to come homemand 2) He wants us to bring someone with us. He wants us to come home because He loves us. Why does He love us? Because we are his children. Why does He want us to bring someone with us? Because He loves everyone as much as He loves us individually. At the baptism my old bishop told Maryjane that her dress is the most beautiful dress he has ever seen at a baptism. Then he told her that something that is infinite times more beautiful than her dress is the Spirit that is inside of her. That really hit me because.. I like pretty dresses. So its really important to know that the Spirit inside of us is more beautiful and of more worth than any beautiful dress you can think of! 
Well thats about all:) I love you guys!

I saw a banana tree full of bananas! I've never seen one before:)

This is Sister Stigan, she is the one that has a lot of enthusiasm, she was with me when we found Hau. People thought we were sisters haha.

This is my new companion Sister Harrisson, she is from Texas!

I got to go to Maryjayne's baptism this week in Cypress:) so baptism number 2!!! woohoo!!! I got to see Hilary!! It was so great he told me that he did the temple work for his dad last week!!!

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