Monday, August 17, 2015

Pray With Faith

Hello friends and family:)
Tomorrow I am getting a new companion. Her name is......................SISTER MILLER! Can you believe it? We are both Sister Miller and we are companions! Sister Lafortune says we are both "crazy"...I dont know what she's talking about. She always calls me crazy...haha anyways, so that's the big news.

Now let me tell you of an experience I had yesterday. I was stressed! I don't know, its been an emotional weekend for me. Sometimes I get stressed over nothing. But yesterday we went to the Pacific Shores Ward for church, we then drove to our ward, we had just enough time to eat a sandwich before Sacrament Meeting started. Then I realized I left the phone in the car and neither of my converts were there at church. I knew Sister Santos wouldn't be there because she is really sick but I was expecting Melissa to be there. I couldn't text her or call her so I just started praying that she would come. Tears started to fall because I felt like I failed at teaching them the importance of church or something. I just prayed really hard that Melissa would come. After they opened the doors after sacrament meeting, Melissa walked in. I was sooo happy! She said she almost didn't come but Heavenly Father changed her mind because of my prayers. Heavenly Father hears our prayers and he answers them and he helps us. :) 
I hope you all continue to pray with faith, believing that He hears you. Because He does.
Have a good week everyone!
Love, Sister Miller

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