Monday, August 17, 2015

Why Should We Love Others?

We had SO many miracles this week!!!!! The very highlight of my week was when Hilary (my recent convert from Cypress) came and surprised me at church on Sunday!! He arranged for the bus to pick him up and everything. I hadn't seen him in months! I was sooooo happy:)

Some other great things.. a member gave us a ton of food. She buys from Costco and she only lives with her and her husband so she just gave us tons of stuff! It was a huge blessing! Especially because I always run out of money at the end of the month for food!! Im not good at living on $33 a week, Im not complaining, Im just saying I need to learn to budget better! Thanks mom and dad for the extra money!

This week I learned to listen to people with their hearts instead of their words. For example.. we got a referral from a little boy. When we asked him if he knows anyone that might be going through a hard time right now that needs a message of peace and comfort, he told us to visit his neighbor who just had her husband pass away. When we knocked on her door she said "No. Im not interested I am involved in my church I am Catholic." And she closed the door. Well, it was slightly rude what she said BUT with her heart she was saying "I am in a lot of pain right now, I just lost my husband. Please, I need to be alone." I know that Heavenly Father "looketh upon the heart" and I know that we can increase our love for people when we try to listen to their hearts:)

I learned that when someone says "your welcome" they are saying "your welcome to it" like if you ever need it again, I am here for you. I like that:)

Melissa will be baptized this weekend!!! Im so excited for her. We had a really powerful lesson yesterday about service. If you have not seen this video, you have got to watch it! It will make you feel so so good.
Anyways, we talked about service at at the end she bore her testimony to us. She told us that she is so filled with happiness. It is something she has wanted her whole life and she has finally found it. She said you cant find it anywhere else, not in work, not in money, not in guys, not in anywhere else in the world but right here in the Gospel. I just adore her!! She is a nurse and I feel like her and I get along so so well! She will be an eternal friend!

We taught an elderly lady this week that cant come to church because she has cancer. I love teaching older people because they do more teaching that we do. We always learn something. This time we learned a lot! Here's what she taught me about marriage and dating (she brought it up, not us!).
1. Marry someone who likes you more than you like them...haha
2. Get married when you are 28, then you know what you want in someone
3. She told her husband, "If you find someone you like more than me, make sure she likes kids. Because they are going with you." She said, why would I take the kids? Their father is the one that provides for them. Its better for the kids to go with the father so that they can have a family and they can come visit me. I will support myself, but I wont be a single mom. She said she was bluffing but if a man thinks that you are being serious, they wont have a wandering eye!! haha

I want to close my blog with one last thing, a question. Why should we love others? This can be answered many ways. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for each of us. He knew this life was going to be hard and we needed help. He overcame the world so that we can overcome the world. The reason why we should love others is because they were worth dying for. I love the Gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am a missionary only for a few more months but I will praise his name my whole life and longer!

I invite all of you to learn of Him, about Him, and to be like Him.

I appreciate all your love and support, love you!!

And did mention that I have a new temporary companion names Sister Skelton. We all 3 get along really well, we laugh ALL the time!

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