Monday, July 27, 2015

Some Highlights:)

Some highlights from this past week, we had 2 investigators at church. 1. Melissa- she will be baptized on August 1st! She is a nurse, about in her 40's, we just started teaching her. She dated a Mormon guy and they broke up but she still loved the church! So perfect:) Then 2. Lindsey. She is Jeff's fiancĂ©. Jeff is the one that reactivated himself after not being active for a while and then we ran into him when we were walking down the street. Anyways, so we are teaching his fiancĂ© now and she is gorgeous! They are such a pretty couple,and they have a son whose name is River. haha different name but kinda cute! We had 2 exchanges this week, I was with a baby missionary names Sister Watson and with an older missionary named Sister Skelton. Sister Watson was so cute! Its so fun seeing new missionaries experience new things:) and I learned from Sister Skelton how to really show love for people. Exchanges are exhausting! I don't know what it is, I think because your trying really hard to be really upbeat the whole time. Sister Lafortune and I are doing good, she's a good missionary!

It rained this week which was pretty cool! Californians don't know what to say when they see us out in the rain so they say "try to stay dry!" which is funny because.. we are already sopping wet! But we were able to find a lot of people, blessings!!

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