Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

SO I have a new companion.. her name is Sister Lafortune, she is from Haiti:) She is pretty great! Sorry I dont have a picture of us together yet. She speaks really good English but we have been working on helping her pronounce the "r" sound. For example, the word "browse" when she says it sounds like "bwowes"...haha its so funny! She claims she is quiet, yet every time I turn up the music in the car, she wants to talk and she is the only one of my companions that likes to talk after lights out...haha...but she really likes to work hard and I like that about her!

The best part of my week was on the 4th of July. We have mission culture that we must teach someone every night. And if we cant find someone to teach, then we teach our companion. And if our companion is sick and sleeping then we teach the dog. (Which is supposed to be funny because we aren't allowed to have dogs.) But the point is that we are expected to teach a lesson every night. So the 4th of July is a BIG deal in Huntington Beach. Everyone goes to the beach to watch the fire works, so the beaches are packed with people! Which means.. no one is home for us to teach them. So we texted our Mission President's Wife and said, "tell President if he wants us to teach tonight..we have to go to the beach." haha...anyways, we ended up finding someone to teach which was a huge miracle! Then after that, we only had about 20 minutes left until we had to go home. I told sister Lafortune we have to find somewhere up high so we can see all the fireworks! Then we saw a big parking garage and thought.. that will work! So we park and we saw this security guy. He looked like he was going to stop us so I asked him if we could go up and watch the fireworks, he said yes!We ran to the top since in was blocked off to the cars. We saw all the fireworks across the whole city! It was so beautiful! There were 2 people standing up there so we Gave both of them pamphlets and told them that God created all of these beautiful things just for them! I couldn't have had a better 4th of July!

There is a couple we have just started teaching, they have a cute story. They both grew up in a small town in Utah and were both raised Mormon. But they didn't really go to church when they were growing up. They just recently decided to come back to church and to prepare to get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. We are going to start teaching them to help them learn and understand the basic doctrine and to help prepare them for the temple. They are around the same age as my sister, Emily and her husband, so I feel extra connected to them. 

One thing I have learned on my mission that I wanted to share: Heavenly Father cares more about our growth than he does about our comfort. Sometimes the hardest times are when we grow the most. It must be hard for a baby to learn how to walk they fall over and over again. But then they get stronger. Its the same for us, never feel hardened because God has given you trials. Just rely on him and He will help you grow into the person you need to be. :)

Ok well that's all, I love you guys!

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