Monday, July 27, 2015

Fasting Brings Blessings

Picture 1. Sister Santos gave me a pair of shoes!!!!!!!! They are a little too small for her and so she gave them to me! They are Malano brand?? I dont know but she used to have a really high end job and thats when she bought them. Arent they cute!! They are my trunky shoes haha iIwear them while I study....

Picture 2. When life gives you lemons.. make lemonade!! We picked lemons this week!! It was sooo yummy. We had like half a bag of sugar in it haha it was so good:) Fresh lemonade is the best!!!

Picture 3. Spencer Obrhen played John the Beloved in the Bible videos. So we took a picture with him today. He came and talked to our zone about his experiences. Mormon celebrities:) 

Ok so last Sunday there were a few people at church that we didnt recognize. I had a list of people that we needed to talk to after church to see who they were!! One guy we met briefly, but then he left right after sacrament. Then yesterday we couldnt find a place to park so we were far from the person we were going to visit. Then we talked to this nice asian lady and she said we could come back! But then we needed to go the same direction as her but we didnt weant to appear like we were following her so we went a different way. Out of no where I saw the guy from church! We stopped and talked to him and it turns out that he and his wife have a 6 week old baby and that he is trying to get active in the church again. His wife is not a member. This guy started crying in the middle of the street when we were talking to him because he knew God loves him. He said there were so many things since his son was born that are helping him come back to the church. He showed up on Sunday in his work clothes because he was on call but he didnt care, he was so happy to be at church.! It was so so good! We are going to visit him and his wife this week:)

Then, on Thursday night, Sister Lafortune wanted to fast (which means we go without food and water for about 24 hours and pray a lot. This way we get more in tune with our Spirits as we put aside our physical desires. You can fast for specific blessings and it shows God you are willing to sacrifice for the things you desire.) Anyways, so she wanted to fast to find people who are prepared. I was like.. our area is doing good but ok lets fast! So we did and 5 minutes before we went inside we decided that we would try to get a return appointment with someone. So we are walking along and we see a guy walking his dog, he is dressed in all black and he has a big long cape on and really long hair. It was dark outside so of course I hesitated a little but I felt like Heavenly Father wanted us to talk to him. So we did:) And he said we could come back the next morning, we did and he is totally interested in learning about the Gospel! He is so so cool. But he is in the Singles Ward so we passed him off to the Singles Ward Elders. But it was really cool that Heavenly Father answered our fast with a miracle!

Sister Lafortune and I are doing pretty good. We are complete opposites! Like completely!!! haha She is very "by the book", strict, doesn't get super excited, driven, determined, intellectual. which are all good things! But it is so funny being an STL with her!!! Because if the Sister Missionaries come to me for advice they will get completely different advice from her! For instance, when new missionaries come in there is a program that gets them adjusted to being a missionary that is called "12 week." It outlines week for week what the new missionary needs to do such as starting off the lesson, teaching the lesson, leaving commitments with people, inviting people to be baptized. all those kinds of things. So we had a Sister that was really over whelmed with being a trainer so I told her, "Oh dont worry about it, that book was made for Elders, not Sisters! Just as long as your greenie does all of those things by the end of the 12 weeks, it doesn't matter what order you do them in. They learn more from your example than anything else." When Sister Lafortune heard this she was like "No! 12 weeks is so important. you need to follow all of 12 week!!" hahaha ...We also debate over when to set a baptism date with people. She thinks that if they can come to church three times, then that is when the date should be set, three weeks, and then she says we can adjust it. But I am like.. "No we need more time to teach them all of the lessons. Most people can only meet like two times a week. They need time to understand the Gospel before they are baptized and I dont want to feel rushed when we teach them!" haha...So we go back and forth, back and forth. Before her mission she liked to read for fun and to talk about philosophy... I liked to jump off cliffs and hang out with my friends. Its just so funny how different we are!!!!!!!!  But I know I have so much to learn from her:) sSe is so sweet and loving!

So that's my week! I love you all!!
This is a picture of Spencer Obhren, the one without a beard....


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