Monday, July 27, 2015

Sister Santos's Baptism!!!

I just got done seeing Sister Anderson and she is done with her mission! She gets released tomorrow night. Her family drove out to pick her up and she was unable to go to the beach with them and Disney Land but they still went without her and she just hung out with her mom. :) It was so fun to see her! There is a place here called Bubba Sweets that make gourmet cupcakes and they give free ones to the missionaries! So we went and we sang to the girl that gave us the cupcakes, it was fun:) The Spirit was so strong she was almost in tears.

Yesterday we stopped a guy that was walking his dog, we do this often. Most of the time people just keep walking and arent really interested but sometimes we will find someone. So we stopped him, his name is George. We offered to share a scripture about Father's Day and he said yes. We asked if we could start with a prayer and he said yes. Then we asked if there was anything we could pray for and he asked us to include his parents in our prayer, we did and then Sister Culala shared a scripture. I was then able to testify to him that God loves him and that he is a son of God. I told him that God has a plan for his parents and he was also most is tears too. It wasnt so much what I said but I could feel the Spirit so strong and I know he could too! It took me a long time on my mission to be able to feel the Spirit testify through me, but now I feel like I can and I strive for that everyday!

Sister Santos was baptized this week! It was a great experience. Of course it is always stressful and never flawless but she was indeed baptized and that is what matters the most. She bore her testimony, she told her experiences when she was first diagnosed with cancer, on the first day, she was given a "first day of chemo bag" with a picture frame in it that had a poem written on it. the poem was called "Things Cancer Cannot Take From You", this was the beginning of her faith in God and Jesus Christ. Then she found a book called "Jesus Calling", that helped her feel the love of Jesus Christ. Then the third book she held up was the Book of Mormon and she told how much happiness the Gospel has brought into her life. I feel so grateful to be able to teach people! I think people give missionaries too much credit because its not us its Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Gospel that the happiness comes from.



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