Monday, August 25, 2014

Can't Wait to be a Nurse

My training went really well!!! People really liked it:) Sothat was relieving. 

Thevmore I am here, the more it solidifies my aspiring nursing career! I perk up every time someone talks about medical. One of the people in my zone threw up blood (he is ok) and I was looking at all the pictures. But not only that, I just miss learning about the body and I am currently learning how to love and serve all the people around me. Nurses do this all the time!! So I cant wait to be a nurse:)

One hard thing about being a missionary is that people really open up to you and so you know everything they are going through. It makes you sad when they are going through hard things. We really do mourn with those who mourn. but I love getting to know people on a deeper level.
Today, a lady gave us 4 pair of brand new shoes! I feel so blessed!
oh!!!! This week I found out what it means to "know someone from Adam" I always thought it was "know someone from Atom" MIND BLOWN! haha
hmmm I can't think of antyhing else, but Inknow we had an awesome week:) I'm very happy! but I do miss home and I do miss college! Loveyou guys!!!!!!

I love these sisters! It's Sister Olar, Anderson, and George. Sister George is the first missionary I have really connected with on my mission. She is a nurse! So this night we had an interpretive dance party. we needed to act like girls for a minute instead of Sister Missionaries! It was much needed:)

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