Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Longer I'm Here, The More I Know The Church Is True

This week!!
Alright, this week was waaaay better than last week which is weird because we had tons of lessons last week and not as many this week but it just goes to show that numbers aren't important!

Story time: so I go to a member's house and she gives me a big hug and a really wet kiss on the cheek. My cheek was wet all of dinner but I didn't want to be mean and wipe off her kiss haha. I feel the love.

This week I learned that there is a lot more to a mission than I ever thought. Yes we are here to teach but Heavenly Father shows you your weaknesses and it is a time where we are completely dependent on the Lord and able to overcome anything. I am speaking mostly for other missionaries (I haven't been through it YET) but woah! The mission brings things out of you that are really deep because Heavenly Father knows you can overcome it! Kind of cool, but it also is what makes the mission so hard.

We had a member give us an entire cheesecake! A whole cheesecake that she made homemade. It was really awesome but I am trying to have self-mastery and show Heavenly Father how much I love him by eating healthy. So I didn't have any. And it was hard!

My companion and I had to go see the Mission President to talk and while we were there he challenged us to be the first sister missionaries to reach the Standard of Excellence Goal, sooooo challenge accepted!! That means 12 member present lessons, 3 new investigators, on time in the morning and at night, and some other things I cant remember off the top of my head. But I'm excited it is going to be a killer week. And by that I mean that we will be able to help a lot of people come closer to Jesus Christ because we are going to work really hard! I'm excited!

We are teaching a guy, Brother McNeely and he is funny. We ask him a question and he takes in a mile from what we asked him so its kind of hard to stay focused but I love him anyway! He has been praying and reading about the Book of Mormon. He also has been coming to church. So thats awesome! He gave up alcohol but he hasn't given up coffee or cigarretts yet. But he is doing so good!
Last week was my very favorite lesson of my whole mission! We had a Family Home Evening with her family and she invited all of her friends and family. It was like a party and we played a game and had a lesson. It was so fun! We laughed and laughed and had a lesson about how the Gospel blesses families. It made me happy:) We love her. When we ask her a question we would be like, "How do you think it would help you to have a second witness of Jesus Christ?" She will pause for a second and then she would say something like " you guys can't have instagram?" haha!

Anyways, the longer I am here the more I know the church is true. Im so greatful for the people here. I hope everyhting is good in Colorado and Utah!

I got two packages this week!! One from my mom and also from my friend from the U. Thank you so much!!!!! I will write you all back ASAP! Packages and letters bring me so much joy! I am so lucky to have such good friends an family and I can feel the prayers and faith of the people I love back home. Thank you! Love you all!

A member gave us allllll of these shoes!!!

Wearing my new dress from my mom and showing off my things I got in my packages!!

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