Monday, November 10, 2014

I Finally Feel Like a Missionary!

My week has been great and my talk at zone conference went alright! I need to be better at speaking in front of people, I told President (Mission President who looks after a specific area of missionaries about as large as a area code) I want to develop that skill and let me teach again! So we will see. 
We have found some really awesome investigators!!!!! I think we are going to baptize soon!
Hilary- an africian american male from Nigeria! He came to church two weeks ago because his friend from Utah told him to. He loved it and wants to take the lessons! We are going to try to set a baptism date for November 22nd!! He could be my first baptism!! haha!
Thomas- a 17 year old who is very spiritual! H has been taught by missionaries before, already knows the Book of Momon is true! We are going to try to set a baptism date with him too!
Janelle- she has a huge family!! We are already teaching 3 of them.. they have a crazy past.. and are still kind of wild but I think we could help them change that and they love God:) 
So I'm so stoked about our investigators!! 
This week has been really good! I tend to gravitate toward old and sick I get alot of service hours and it's also how I know I am supposed to be a nurse. Saturday was rough because we had like 6 or 7 lessons planned and they all fell through! I am really feeling like a missionary now. I walk up to people's doors and talk to people on the street like its no big deal anymore. ha! 
Something funny that happened this week..... I had a mom moment. lol I accidentally introduced myself with my companion's name. I said,"Well here is this pamphlet and my name is Sister Lindsey if you have any questions you can give us a call!" and I didn't realize what I had done so my companion was like,"Sister Miller.. I'm Sister Lindsey." in front of this guy and it was awkward.. haha!!

We played the lipstick game!! haha!! The Elders look so funny! We also carved pumpkins!

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