Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm a Spider Ninja!

Ok, so Halloween wasn't that great, we had to deep clean our room and then we had to go to a meeting where everyone was SUPER heated about making goals. But! the Halloween Carnival for our congregation was on Wednesday and it was seriously the best night of my mission!! We were with our investigator Hillary.. I cant remember if I said something about him before but he is 29 and from Nigeria! He has the coolest accent! And he is so passionate about life! He is in a wheel chair because hewas paralyzed when he was 4 from a spinal cord injury. Anyways, we went to the carnival and we played all these games, like decorating a cupcake and eating a donut with no hands.. the usual things. But it was so fun with him!! We also had a chili cookoff that night and we got 3rd place out of like 20 pots of chili!! It was so cool. We just threw a bunch of stuff in the pot. While we were making it I was literally like.. "Well it looks like chili.." haha and then we got 3rd place and we got really weird prizes:) So that was really awesome and totally the highlight of my week.  
A miracle this week.. my companion hates knocking on doors. But I like it because there is always the possibility of someone really needing you right in that moment (like all the stories you hear "the missionaries came knocking on my door..") So I always have hope for a moment like that! Anyways,we didn't have any official plans because all the people we are teaching cancel last second. So I told my companion,"If we knock this whole street Heavenly Father will bless us with an investiator..." I was kind of bluffing but I definitely hoped He would! and He did! At the end of the street there was a young girl carving pumpkins and her brother got baptized not too long ago and is preparing to go on a mission!! So we taught her and she was super prepared! It was so cool:) Heavenly Father is REAL. He hears our prayers. 
Oh my goodness, yesterday it RAINED! I died laughing when I went outside to see our neighbor was squeegee-ing her windows...hahahaha it was so funny! People literally dont know what to do here when it rains! Another thing that was funny.. so Sister Lindsey calls one of our investigators and her name is Janice. So her brother answers the phone. and my companion is like, "Hey is Janice there?" and he's like,"Ya that's me." But we knew our investigator was a female and not a male so we were confused.. but my companion was like, "Oh, hey Janice, we were just calling to make sure it is ok if we come over tonight?" and the guy on the phone is like, "who is this?" and we were like,"we met you yesterday and you said we could come over?" and he is like,"no I didn't, I didn't meet you." My companion was like, "This is Janice right?" He was like,"ya?" He goes,"Maybe you are thinking of my sister." We were like,"What is your sister's name?" He was like,"Janice." Hahaha, so we were like,"You and your sister are both named Janice?" Anyways, it turns out that his name is Denise.... hahahaha 
...I know Heavenly Father is real and I know He loves each of us. He hears your prayers! Keep praying to Him no matter what religion, of course. And if the missionaries knock on your door.. pretend that they are me! I love you all!

The spider web was our missionary booth! We were being ninjas! Also, our prizes from the chili cook off and our investigator Hilary!

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