Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Companion!

Hello friends and family!!! Ok, this is going to be short because there is a maintenance guy that is waiting for my computer and he's just staring at me... hopefully he isn't reading this. But I wanted to tell you that I got a new companion! She is so awesome, she is Tongan and her name is sister Po'uliva'ati! But we call her sister P. and it rained this week! yay!! First time on my mission that it has rained for so long and hard! It was so great. I have missed it. 
Today.. December 8th.. and guess how hot it is outside!! 90 degrees! That's just crazy! This week has been great! One of our members braught their friend to church and she wants to meet with us! We were praying to be in the right place at the right time and during our morning run we ran into a member whose husband is struggling and she wants us to come teach them! Also, we taught Brett and Kim, and Kim will be a new investigator after finals and probably be baptized so I'm stocked! I love my mission. Ive been very blessed, thank you for all of your prayers!
Ok funny story.. the day I picked up my new companion she was straight from the MTC and I was wearing a wrist watch that I am not very good at telling time on .. so I thought it was 5:30pm and it was actually 4:30pm and I was rushing everything and I rushed to our dinner appointment and then realized that I was an hour off!! oops. Welcome to the mission... haha love you guys! Have a good week!

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