Monday, June 29, 2015

Have More Faith and Be An Example

Alright, let me tell you a little about my week:)

We have been teaching a lady named Sister Santos! She is from Brazil and she is beautiful and very exotic. Her sons used to meet with missionaries but she never joined the lessons. One day something made her want to come to church, so she came and drove around the parking lot one day. She ended up talking to a member of our congregation who told her when church was. Three months later she came to church on her own. Her first Sunday was Mother's Day and we have been teaching her since then. She will be baptized on June 20th.  She has already noticed how much peace has come into her life since she has started learning about the Gospel. She said when she used to get flaming mad about something, she would yell. Now when she is mad, she just takes a deep breath and she prays and reads her scriptures, then she feels better. She has had a lot of trials since she decided to be baptized which is pretty normal. But her faith cannot be shaken and nothing can stop her! She even got online and searched "mormonism" on google (ever do that) and she read some anti material. She said it made her very depressed but that she knew it wasn't true and she has had the powerful witness of the Holy Ghost that she is making the right decision. It didn't even phase her.  I am so grateful for Sister Santos, she has brought me so much joy the past few weeks! I wish you all could meet her!

So since I have a leadership call, we have SO many meetings. This week we had leadership training and we had Missionary Leadership Council which both go from about 10 or 11 am until 4 or 5 pm. They are so inspiring and really help me want to be a better missionary. They make me want to have more faith and be an example. They make me want to lead like our savior Jesus Christ would lead. I feel so blessed. 

This morning I was able to go to the New Port Beach Temple. It was so lovely, I love the New Port Beach Temple because it is so beachy:) If you haven't gone go to a Mormon temple and just walk around the grounds, its very peaceful and you can feel the love of God there.

Well I don't have too much time so that's about all the important news. I love you all:)

So this is my companion, Sister Culala from the Philippines.

Then I attached a picture of Sister Anderson and I. She is done with her mission and that is when we said goodbye. Seems like just yesterday that she became my companion but it has been a whole entire year. woah:)

At the temple today!!!
And with Sister Nissen:)
And the classic missionary pose!

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