Monday, June 29, 2015

Miracles and Blessings!

Hello friends and family!!! 
I am in the Pleasant View Ward and I love it so much! I love it as much as Cypress. Which is saying a lot. I  just feel like I am here for the people, I get along with everyone so well! So anyways, here's some miracles for the week!!
Miracle 1: This week I really wanted to prepare for my fast. Instead of coming up with something to fast for last minute, I had been thinking about it all week. I wrote it on each day of my planner so I wouldn't forget to think about it, and there's a lot of people that we are working with that have cancer. So Sister Culala and I were driving on Saturday and I asked her if she knows what she is going to fast for. She said she is going to fast for the people with cancer and that was what I decided to fast for too! So we fasted together. Then in Sunday School we were talking about Gifts of the Spirit. We mentioned the gift of healing, the gift of miracles, and the gift to be healed. Our investigator stood up and told all of us for the first time that her doctor called her the day before and told her that she had no more cancer! Her cancer was gone!! It was so cool to see our fast be answered so quickly. She had stage 4 colon cancer that was rapidly spreading through her body. After 36 rounds of chemo, she was healed:) She is my favorite person, I don't know how I get so blessed with my converts but she is on the same level as Hilary haha, they are so so so good, I love them! So here is a picture of her. She taught me how to tie a scarf on my head:) I think it looks so cute on her! I wanted to learn too. Haha anyways, miracles are real. Heavenly Father is real. He answers our prayers. 
Miracle 2: Our Bishop gave us some names of people in the ward that we haven't seen in a long time, so we went to visit them. We met a couple probably in their 40's. The husband grew up a member of the church but when he was 19 he was excommunicated. (That means he didn't want to have anything to do with the church and he erased that he was ever baptized.) So then 20 years later he was at Salt Lake City and he went to the visitors center. There was a sister missionary there that bore her testimony to him and he said that the missionaries can come see him at his home. They did and he was rebaptized! Then he went through a divorce and got remarried. So his new wife is not a member of our church but she is the cutest, nicest person!! She said we can come and teach her about it! So we are going to visit them twice a week and teach her about the Gospel. I am so excited, I love them a lot!
Miracle 3: We set a baptismal date with a lady named Tracy. She is going through a hard time in her life and she wants to rekindle her relationship with God. :)
Fun fact:I I am currently teaching: a Persian, and a Cambodian, and a Brazilian. I have previously taught: a Nigerian, a Vietnamese, a Tongan, a Mexican and I have been companions with: a Canadian, a Philippian, and a Tongan and I serve with other missionaries that are Samoan and there's more I just cant remember... haha isn't that cool!!
Something I've learned: Sister Santos was telling us a little about her life and she used to be married to a diplomat and she was engaged to someone that was really wealthy. She could have all she wanted. He would take her shopping for fun. But she still says that she has never been as happy as she is now in the Gospel. That just warmed my heart because the Gospel brings so much happiness and it brings peace into our lives. We visited a man that is dying of cancer this week. I don't think he will make it very much longer, probably only a week or so longer. All he talked about was how he wanted his grandson to go to church and to do boy scouts and go on a mission. He said all we need in this life is a testimony of Jesus Christ and everything works out ok! It was beautiful to hear those words. I just learned that we are so blessed to have so much knowledge about God and Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have our families and we are blessed to have two legs that work. I used to hate my body because I wasn't as pretty as someone else. I've learned that I am blessed to be healthy. I've learned that we don't need to have the prettiest friends because the best people probably aren't that good looking on the outside. I've just learned how to be happy and how to be grateful and let me tell you, those things aren't found in the world. They are found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That's where it is found because Jesus Christ is the head of this Church and it is the safest, and happiest place you can be. Well ok now I am just rambling but I just love being a missionary!

So Sister Santos taught me how to tie a scarf on my head, here are some pictures from this week:)
This is a less active couple we visit--the Mathey's :)

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