Monday, November 23, 2015

"I have gained experiences, and spiritual knowledge that tells me this is the true church of Jesus Christ"

Hello! many people have been asking when I come home. December 15th is the exact date. 

We have a very fruitful week:) We found 5 new investigators! We taught a less active lady named Betty on Tuesday and all of her house mates joined us. All the ladies in the home have mental disabilities, like mild retardation I think. We went and taught them a lesson by playing Jenga. They loved it and usually we only see Betty but this week they all joined us! It was a really fun lesson:) They all got really loud when the Jenga would fall over. Haha. They were able to learn some basic principles about God, Jesus Christ and the Restoration of the Gospel.

When we taught Karen this week, we brought a member of our congregation with us. It turns out that when Karen was going through a really hard time with some deaths in the family, she had a grief counselor.This was about 15 years ago. It turns out that the lady we brought was her grief counselor! So they clicked right away and it helped me to realize again that Heavenly Father loves us and He knows exactly what we need. Karen was also able to make it to church yesterday:) 

A family we had dinner with on Wednesday gave us some extra cookies. We wanted to keep them but we knew we shouldn't keep a plate of cookies all to ourselves and we prayed about who we should take them to. We thought of a less active in our ward who we stopped by often but he was never home. When we went by, he was there and he was grateful for the cookies.Wwe were able to teach him and give him a moment of peace in his stressful life. He takes care of his wife who has really bad MS, it was a really great experience. 

I got my last set of "trunky papers" this week. Those include a piece of paper to write down my goals, and a piece of paper to write down my most spiritual experience on my mission. I wanted to share with you what I put for my experience.

It was about halfway through my mission and I had just moved from Cypess to Huntington Beach. If you don't remember, I was in the same ward for 9 months and it was really hard to leave. When I got to my new ward, everything was in disarray. Nothing was the way I wanted it to be. Not only that but it is one of the more wealthy parts of the Long Beach Mission which means that the work was very difficult. We talked to everyone on the streets but got rejected most of the time. They would say "I have my Lamborghini, I don't need God." haha just kidding, they never said that. Anyways, I started to have doubts, concerns and questions. I didn't know what I thought to be true anymore. So I did a lot of praying, studying, and soul searching. We had only one investigator left and we went to his house for a lesson with a member from our church. I could tell the lesson was going downhill and that he was going to tell us that he wasn't interested and didn't want us to come back anymore. In desperation I opened up my Book of Mormon to the third chapter of Nephi when Jesus Christ comes and visits the Americas. Usually as missionaries, we stop every couple versus to discuss what it is saying but I just kept reading almost the whole chapter from beginning to finish. With tears streaming down my face I felt in my heart at that moment that I knew the Book of Mormon was true. I wanted so badly for him to know it too. Sadly, he still ended up telling us that he wasn't interested. But I am grateful for that lesson because I needed it. I needed to feel the confirmation from the Holy Ghost which testifies of all truth. I can testify to you that I know that Book of Mormon is true. I have gained experiences, and spiritual knowledge that tells me this is the true church of Jesus Christ. 

Well I love you guys, I hope your finding joy in every stage of your life and I hope you are looking to good in all you do.


Love, Sister Miller

This was a picture of us and the Elders in our ward on Halloween!

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