Monday, September 28, 2015

Its the Day to Day Little Miracles

So much happened this week! We were able to meet the Standard of Excellence which is really cool. We were super blessed. 

The first experience I wanted to share happened on Friday. We went to visit a former investigator, we talked to him about a month ago. We ran into him right as he was heading off to work and he also has a rather sporadic schedule. He knew it wasn't a coincidence, se are going to see him tomorrow morning. He loves the church, his only concern is why we don't use wine when we take the sacrament. One would think that would be easy to get over, but not for him.

We taught a less active family this week that was very offended by their bishop at church and some other members. They completely opened up about everything. I understood their concern and without wanting to offend them, I tried to tell them coming to church is not a matter of the people around you but your relationship with God.  You don't want to stand in front of God at the last day and tell Him the reason you never went to church to partake of the Sacrament, which is the most important thing we do each week, because you were offended by someone. But I know it is hard. I have also been offended before, but people just aren't perfect!

Our mission president came to a lesson with our investigator Chuck, he asks tons of questions!! So it was interesting, I learned SO much during that lesson. He said there are 3 Christian churches in the world. 1. Catholic Church 2. Protestant Church and 3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I thought that was an interesting way to look at it!

Lastly, I wanted to share our 15 miracle day (yesterday):
1. Sara Miller (our Miller trio) she leaves on her mission in October so she came out with us!
2. Our investigator Lindsey was home and we invited her mom to be baptized, she accepted!
3. Ramses (a potential investigator) invited us into his home for a lesson for the first time. He is Greek Orthodox. We also invited him to be baptized, he said when he knows it is true, he will be.
4. The Molens in our ward left lunch in the fridge for us to eat at the church.
5. Argie (our investigator) came to church!
6. Argie accepted a day to be baptized! October 10th!!
7. Sister French (less active) came to church!
8. Argie got a beautiful Priesthood blessing of healing after church.
9. We left dinner a bit early to pick up Tina (recent convert) who came to a lessons with us. 
10. Tina bore powerful testimony in our lesson with Carry. Carry's daughter is dating a Mormon boy about to leave on his mission. We invited her to be baptized. She is coming to the Relief Society Activity tomorrow night and we will teach her more!
11. We randomly met this guy named Saul who the elders referred to us. We walked past him on the street, I said, "Hey are you Saul?" and he was like "Ya.." haha it was funny. But then we were able to sing to him and teach him. He accepted to be baptized November 7th.
12. We taught Tina before we dropped her off at home.
13. Taught Kim (recent convert).
14. I forgot to mention that the copy machine hasn't been working forever and it was working again!
15. We met all our goals for the day and met the Standard of Excellence for the week!

There was a guy last week that talks to us sometimes, he lives with Tina. He said "What do you guys do all day? chill?" hahahahaha I showed him our planner. We always have people to see, places to go, people who want to learn. Its the best:)

I stinkin love Sister Miller, we made matching shirts today with our names on the back! We are such a good team!

Thats my week, love you all!

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