Monday, September 28, 2015

The Spirit Helps Us Feel God's Love

So this week I taught the coolest lesson of my whole mission!! Ahhhhh it's such a cool story I wish I could just tell you all in person instead of writing it all out! Ok so it started on Tuesday, I was on exchanges with Sister Glenn. We had a lesson and we were bringing a member with us. Well, the member got lost on the way there so we were waiting for her to show up. While we were waiting, we talked to everyone we could see. Then this young man walks past us and so we weren't sure how old he was (we couldn't tell what age he was!) Well we stopped and talked to him and we gave him a card with Jesus Christ on it. He told us that he doesn't believe in Jesus Christ or God! So we asked him why, he said that he doesn't believe in miracles and doesn't understand why there is so much evil in the world. We were getting ready to show him the video "Hope of God's Light" when our phone started ringing because our member showed up. SO I asked him if he would watch the video and we set up another time to see him. Then a few days later we went to his house, his parents answered the door and we ask for Calvin, they said he wasn't home (lies!). Then Calvin came from the back of the house and told his parents, "Don't worry about it." So we ended up teaching him in his garage, in the shade because it was really hot outside. He said that he watched the video and that it opened his mind a little bit. (Score!) haha SO THEN we started talking about his concerns and why he doesn't believe in God. We testified to him that God is real and loves him very much. We explained to him that the reason there is wickedness in the world is because God gave us the ability to choose (also called, agency). We wouldn't be able to choose if there wasn't a good and bad to choose from. While we were talking we mentioned that God has a higher purpose for him. He was curious and asked us what that higher purpose was. So then we sang to him with Sister Millers ukulele about the plan that God has for us. He said he felt the same way he used to feel when he was 16 and went to church and they would sing! Obviously it was the Spirit testifying to him that what we were sharing was true!!! It was the coolest thing ever!!!!! By the end of the lesson he was ready to come to church, and he believed in God. I am so grateful for this experience. It truly is the Spirit that helps us feel God's love. I love the Gospel, I know it is true. :)
Second miracle, was that we fasted on Sunday for all of our investigators because they are nit-picking everything and ignoring that they already know that its true. So we fasted and prayed for them. Then, just yesterday, one of our investigators had a really neat spiritual experience and she is totally ready to get baptized!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!
I am so grateful for my mission and seeing peoples lives change. I love this area, we have found TONS of people to teach. We taught 28 lessons last week. Its doubled in the past 4 weeks! Sister Miller and I work really well together and I am just so happy! Its almost too good to be true.
I love you all!!!

Oh my gosh, funny story. Sister Miller (not me) wanted to go the pool in our apartment complex because we didn't have a dinner. hahaha we looked so funny. We had oreos for dinner (probably why I  am gaining weight but whatever) haha it was fun:) 

Pictures, at the temple with Sister Miller (That was today btw) and then a picture of the biggest moth ever!!!!!!!

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