Monday, September 28, 2015

"Thank You."

This week was exhausting!! But so so good! We found 5 new investigators and we had 2 exchanges! We also had a lot of meetings!
I just really want to tell you about our investigators but I dont want to be creepy and put their personal info online haha. But oh my gosh, Heavenly Father is really blessing me with the ability to LOVE these people. I am so grateful. I love our investigators (we have like 15!) and I love this ward! I also love my companion, Sister Miller, so I am very grateful for this time On my mission for sure! We have this one investigator that asks us TONS of questions! We would get so off topic, I had to start making a list while we teach him. 
I never knew before my mission that I can be good friends with so many people! No matter their physical appearance, wealth, education, religion, or ethnicity, just so many people that I get along with and am able to love! Its exciting!! 

My most spiritual moment this week was at MLC (Mission Leadership Training) toward the end of our training President Tew quoted a scripture. We believe that whether it is the voice of God or of His servants, it is the same. So he told us to imagine Heavenly Father saying this to us.
"Thank you."
To picture my Heavenly Father saying that to me for all the work that I do in His name was overwhelming. Then we sang the song "How Great Thou Art". It was so powerful. That is truly how I feel about Jesus Christ. I couldn't hold in my tears, the Spirit was just so strong! 

Ok well we went to the mall today and we spent too much time looking! So I don't have much time. But I hope you all have a lovely week!


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