Monday, September 28, 2015

Trust God and Trust in Good Things to Come

My week has been filled with roses and thorns, lets take a look.

My first day in Long Beach was on Tuesday. I left my beautiful area of Huntington Beach where I had complete paradise to Long  Beach where I didn't know anything. I got a new car, a phone with no contacts, a new companion straight off the plane and a completely empty apartment with not even toilet paper, and no air conditioning. haha. We got completely lost on the way home. We went way past curfew. I found out Sister Beaudette and I have the same weaknesses. Directions and our memory. Oh man... it was a crazy day! We went and worked in the evening and we were able to teach 2 lessons to less actives in our ward. So that was good:) When we got home, we were both exhausted. We carry all our luggage up to our apartment and we planned for the next day sitting on the ground because we didnt have desks or chairs yet. So that was our first day. It was awful to be honest haha but the blessing was that a member gave us toilet paper and cookie butter. I dont think I could have survived without that cookie butter!

Then the next day we woke up super tired because it was SO HOT. Way too hot to sleep without a fan. So you can already guess how I was feeling that day. CRANKY. The "rose" was we got to buy all new stuff for our nice new apartment :) The "thorn" was that we only did missionary work for like an hour total because it took so long to get everything situated. We thought we could go out and work but then our manager gave us the wrong key and the list goes on and on. We just had errands done that day. 

Day 3 in Long Beach, our alarm doesnt go off. (Worst trainer ever!!) Because we have a new phone and I accidently didn't put the alarm on "daily." But the best part about the day was that the manager to our apartment complex is an inactive member that grew up in the church. She took it as a sign that we moved in and she wants to come back to church!! So we had a really powerful lesson with her. That was pretty great:)

Day 4 was uneventful, we just got rejected a ton. I have never had so many people NOT take a picture of Jesus Christ before. But this was the day we got air conditioning! So that made me SUPER happy. 

Day 5 we go to our first appointment at 11 o clock, so after studies. We get there and the lady seemed totally normal the night before. but we knock on the door and she is completely frantic and she says "an earthquake is happening I have to go!!!!" ..........but there was no earthquake........... so we were like "uhhhhhhh ok..." Ive never had anyone reject me with that one before! 

Then the next guy we talk to was an existential atheist. I dont even know what that means but in the middle of our conversation he says "Thank God we live in a free country." hahaha.... I was like... didn't you just say you were atheist?? Long Beach people are crazy.

Then we got completely yelled at by this guy because he wanted to talk to us but we wouldn't go inside his house. He was the only one home so we arent allowed to. He was super offended but oh well. He should know its not good for 2 young ladies to be in his house when no one else is there anyways!

Day 6 was a beautiful day:) people were nice to us and wanted to talk to us. We didn't find any new investigators but we did get to teach a really great lesson to a girl named Kaitlyn. She was baptized when she was 12. She was telling us that she wants to focus on figuring out who she is instead of going to church. We told her that she will find out who she is when she starts coming to church. We told her its where she belongs because she is a daughter of God. It was really really cool. :) I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer because right before that I just begged Him that we would be able to teach and help someone, then Kaitlyn let us talk to her. I know when we have the faith to ask, Heavenly Father will grant us blessings.

I know that when we have hard weeks, and we get through them it qualifies us to help others when they have hard times. It strengthens our faith when we see our prayers be answered and i am now very grateful when someone accepts a picture of Christ when before,I must have been taking that for granted. 

My companion is one of the most positive people I know. She is my saving grace. She doesn't get discouraged.she just keeps working hard. One night I was just "done." and she was like "maybe we should sing hymns?" haha and I was like "no." but she keeps trying anyways. 

Did you guys see the eclipse yesterday? It was pretty cool. It didn't turn red though from what we could see. 

Oh and we are the first Sisters to live in the "bro zone." That means we live outside of our boundries and we live where only Elders can serve (cuz its ghetto). We feel pretty cool. First Sisters to make it there! Don't worry mom and dad, its safe! 

"Trust God and Trust in good things to come." 

I hope you all have a great week:) 

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